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Piano Technician

Every piano is a highly complex musical instrument. They need yearly tuning and maintenance to maintain a dynamic range and the proper touch. Yearly tuning, simple repairs and adjustments will enhance your playing experience. Room placement and humidity control will help keep your piano in tune and live a long life.

Ed the Piano Tuner offers many services for piano owners including tuning, cleaning, maintenance and repairs. Click here for more details on these services.

Years of Experience

Ed has been tuning pianos since 2005. Ed's predecessor, Mike Evanko, trained or mentored Ed for 7 years before he purchased the business. Before Mike retired, he tuned for Liberace and many others within the Coachella Valley.

Prompt and Professional

It has been my pleasure to serve the music community, including donation services to the High Desert Cultural Center. I make an effort to be punctual and courteous because I know your time is valuable. Know the job is done right. Call Ed The Piano Tuner.

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